Rbound – GAW 15

Wow, it has been a lot of time since the last post, I was ill almost for two weeks and the last week I was moving to a new house (Please kill me). Now I’m back to action and ready to dev!


Rbound was made with the idea of making a Ketchapp like game, a very simple game with features like in-game money, a store to buy themes… I sent it to Ketchapp but unfortunately it wasn’t selected 😦 hahaha

What went right:

All the features I decided to had to be in the game are already in, multiple colour themes, a simple mechanic, in-game coins, ranking…

What went wrong:

Always I have the same problem, MUSIC, the game sounds are made by me with garage band and I don’t have any idea how to use it so you can already imagine how they are haha.

What I learned:

I learned how to configure the IOS account and the Game Center, I put a lot of effort on creating the game transitions really smooth and I think I achieved it 🙂

I learned how an actual casual mobile game works, they are all the same, rankings, in-game coins (with in-app purchases too), cool effects, a really simple mechanic but really addictive…

I’m going to put more effort on creating game like these and see if I can earn some money to stay creating games by my own.




2 comentarios en “Rbound – GAW 15

  1. Hey Aidin! Ketchapp didn’t tried my game, so I decided to upload it by myself, in their webpage they indicates that in 7 seven days they get you an answer about your game but I didn’t get one and I was monitoring with Testflight the activity on it and they didn’t played :E!

    This week I’m improving and uploading my old games to my IOS account for preparing my portfolio for job searching!

    Me gusta


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