Arka – GAW 13

Hi everyone!

New week, new game!

Idea: The idea for this game is very simple, it’s a game inspired by the classic Arkanoid.
Instead of a ball, you control a player which you can move, jump and shoot!

To kill the blocks and reach higher points, the player is constantly jumping on a giant mushroom, higher you jump, higher will be the bounce.

The game has 10 levels with diferent block combinations and difficulty.

What went right: All the features I designed are in the game, I decided to put more effort on menus, level selector and game feel and I’m really glad with the result.
That’s the most complete game I’ve made on the challenge.

What went wrong:  I had problems calibrating the player movement to make it easy to control, maybe it’s not too easy to move but with a few deaths the player can be controlled perfectly.

As always, I have problems choosing a game name I have to search methods to choose one, maybe a brainstorming of game features or something to get it, I’ll try it in future games.

What I learned: Now I have a super simple script to make powerful menus and I learned so much about game feel. That’s the most complete game I’ve made on the challenge.

And again I practice a lot pixel art which is always nice!




2 comentarios en “Arka – GAW 13

    1. Hey Aidin!

      In my player I have an script that it’s raycasting always in front of the player, if it detects some object with the layer “wall” (for example) and it’s in a certain distance, then I check that the player it’s wallriding.

      I do the same to check if it’s grounded too 🙂

      Hope it helps!

      Me gusta


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