Brid – GAW 12

Hi everyone!

Last week I took a little holidays to take a break and get back to gamedev with 200% energy!

Idea: I try to choose a purpose every week to do my games I learn something in particular, so this week I decided to learn how to “destroy” sprites and Brid it’s the result, a simple platformer game which is divided in a 9 cells grid, where every cell has a differente combination of blocks to being destroyed and letting the player continue the game.

What went right: Almost everything, I’m really glad with the result, the game art it’s not horrible, the map can be totally destroyed and I really like the idea!

What went wrong: I spent lot of time learning how to destroy things and finally I didn’t have time to add sounds to the game.

What I learned: Now I have scripts to destroy sprites and I practice a lot pixel art which is always nice.

I really liked this idea and I’ll continue it in the future! Here are a few possible features :

  • Add a time attack mode and add some “watches” in the map to help the player reach the end.
  • Love this one, possibility of turn 90º every cell and make all the grid a puzzle to solve destroying things and turning the map.



4 comentarios en “Brid – GAW 12

  1. Hey, great game! Keep it up!
    I was wondering how you did the destructible landscape? Did you use a store asset or did you do your own algorithm? Can you point me in the direction of whatever er you used? I would like to play around with it as well.

    Me gusta

    1. Hi Aidin!

      Searching on internet I found a script that do this, it´s not totally perfect but you can customize and optimize it!

      That´s the video which shows you how it works, in the information box you have the link to his website and there it´s a link to an example project.

      Hope it helps!

      If you have any doubt, just drop me a message!

      Me gusta

      1. Thank you! I will take a look at that!
        I will definitely check back here and follow your work, and probably ask a lot of questions too since I am a beginner but want to become better.

        Me gusta


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