Jumpy Flags – GAW 10

Hi all!

New week, new game, I never imagined I could reach making 10 games in a row and learning a lot about game development and 2D and 3D art.


For this week I had an objective to achieve, local multiplayer mode, I though multiple ideas but they were so big for just a simple week.
Then I  though what would happen if I merge two classic modes: frogger and capture the flag.
Simple idea and easy to practice more 3D and achieve my objective.

What went right:

I achieved my main objective of creating a local multiplayer game, I’m very glad with the art of the game and almost everything I though for the game is in.

What went wrong:

Although I learned a lot about 3D art, I spent a lot of time making it, I’m not a graphic artist so I spend a lot of time in all my games making it.

I had problems importing the players in to the game and the animations are not the same as I made in blender.

I had little details that are not in the game due time, but I’ll add them in future games!

What I learned:

Well, I learned a lot about 3D modeling and local multiplayer playing.
Now I have more packages that I had been making while I was doing the game that probabbly will be used in other games.


I will stop making weekly games when I have 20 games, then I’ll start making games with more time, maybe 2 or 3 weeks.




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