Sky Puzzles – GAW 9


For the GAW 9 my main idea was create an aircraft 3D game but I though this idea while playing pokemon and I liked a lot!

Idea: The idea came while playing pokemon saphir alpha, on a gym it was a puzzle before fighting the leader and I really fell in love with it.

The mechanic it’s simple, the player it’s a ball and have to switch on all the platforms to go trough the levels.

 What went right: Almost everything I thought for this game it’s already in, my main objective for this game was make a game menu and level selector and they are done!

What went wrong: I think the levels are easy but they are my first puzzle creations, I will improve the difficulty in next games!

What I learned: I practice a lot level and puzzles design that it’s a thing I’ve never done before. Finally I could make a menu and level selector for one of my games





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