Gummy Hero – GAW 8

Idea: The idea for this week was making a classic platformer, like Mario Arcade, Bubble Bobble, Snowbros…

The mechanic it’s similar to them, player throws chewing gum to enemies and then have to touch them to kill them!

The game it’s located on a sweets world, the player has an ice cream as hair and cornet as legs! His weapon is an infinite chewing gum.

 What went right: I dedicate almost the whole week the programming the game, I’m glad I could make everything I though for game mechanic.

What went wrong: The idea was so big, it has a lot of little details that in 1 week was impossible to made.

I couldn’t make a lot of details that they would had done the game more juicy.

What I learned: In this case I don’t have learned a lot about programming or drawing, I learned more about organization and game design, cut off things that doesn’t break the gameplay it’s a hard work!





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