Avoid Them! – GAW 7

Idea: I wanted to make a 3D game because I didn’t had made any before this.
The mechanic it’s simple, try to last as much seconds as you can in the platform before the balls push you out.

Balls falls from the sky and the spawn speed rises as seconds passes.

What went right: I had an objective and I totally accomplished with the game, all the things I thought at the design hours are in game! Very glad with my first 3D game.

What went wrong: Well, I spent so much time creating the player, in game the player looks “good” but the rig model is totally wrong, the hips bones are broken haha, for next games I’ll have to redo the player.

Music it’s always my nemesis, it’s very difficult to find the right music at free pages like freesound, my plan is when I start getting money, I’ll spend it to pay a music artist!

What I learned: I learned A LOT about 3D game development, how 3 axis works, colliders, renderers…
I made the 3D models with Blender, and I’m very glad with the result for be the first time!
Now I have packages to import for next games and make them quickier.

In next games I’ll have to practice more with particles sytem!

I liked this game idea very much and I’ll probabbly work with it in next weeks, maybe a local multiplayer mode and more zones / enemies could be cool!






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