Hammer IT – GAW 6

Idea: The main idea of the game was inspired by a minigame on Super Mario 64 for DS, bombs come from sides and the player had to click and drag them to a their correct safe area. I took this concept and I created hammer it.

Monsters come from sides and with 2 kickass hammers the player has to kill them. Each enemy has 1 of 2 available colors and the hammers too. Each hammer has to kill the enemy of the same color of it.

What went right: Well, the unique thing that went right it that I had the main mechanic done at the first day, the challenge of killing enemies with the smartphone gyriscope fit well.

What went wrong: That week I had less time than expected and I couldn’t implement some cool features like music or kill effects that could’ve made the game more juicy.

What I learned: Now I have a gyroscope controller that works pretty well and I’ve created more packages to create games faster.






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